Terms and Conditions

Additional Information

1. AUTHORIZED DRIVERS ONLY: drivers must be listed on the rental agreement. DRIVERS must be aged 25 and over and properly licensed to operate a vehicle. Vehicle may not be used by any person not listed on the rental agreement.  An additional driver can be added at no extra cost. All drivers must read and sign the rental agreement which includes the present terms of conditions. 

Renter agrees to be personally responsible for all losses, bodily injuries and damages as a result of allowing any unauthorized person to operate or be in the care and control of the vehicle.

2. DEPOSIT and PAYMENT: A valid credit card in the renter’s name with an available minimum balance of $500 or more is required when picking up a vehicle. All rentals are subject to a minimum $500 credit card deposit and/or total value of the rental at the time of pickup. The driver's credit card must therefore have an available minimum balance of $500. Debit cards or prepaid credit cards are excluded as a form of deposit but are acceptable as a form of payment.

3. LICENSE and IDENTIFICATION: Customers residing outside of the Yukon must present 2 valid pieces of identification with photo, one of which is government-issued, example: driver's license and passport. International Driving Permit (IDP) required for Foreign Drivers. 

4. MANDATORY LIABILITY INSURANCE: Renter must agree to purchase the mandatory liability insurance. Its daily fee of $35 is included in the rental day rate. $2000 deductible on insurance. Tires, windshield, mirrors and glass are not covered and are renter’s responsibility. 

5. A. RENTAL CAR DRIVING RESTRICTIONS  Vehicle to be driven on government maintained roads only.  Renter will be responsible for all expenses incurred for unauthorized driver and/or road travel including vehicle damage, water damage, mud damage, towing, emergency road assistance and all related labor costs. Ferry boat crossings are permitted.


  • outside of Canada
  • non-Government maintained roads
  • JEEP trails
  • gold fields
  • mining roads
  • Hunker Road
  • 40-Mile and 60-Mile mining areas
  • creeks and river crossings prohibited
  • flooded road crossings prohibited
  • water crossings of any kind prohibited

B. NORTHWESTERN TERRITORIES (NWT) and DEMPSTER HIGHWAY travel: renter must select vehicle and any rental package or options that allow travel to NWT destinations. If Dempster highway is covered in snow, ice or is closed due to poor weather conditions and visibility, the vehicle will not be allowed to go up the Dempster highway. This is for your safety. Stay informed of weather and road conditions.

6. FLUID LEVEL MAINTENANCE: Renter is responsible to maintain oil and water levels, daily check of these is required. If vehicle fails due to non-maintenance of fluid levels, the renter will be fully liable for repairs.

7. ENGINE OVERHEATING: If the vehicle engine overheats, renter must immediately turn it off and contact the owner. Failure to do so will make the renter fully liable for repair costs.

8. TIRES, WINDSHIELD, MIRRORS and GLASS: Any damage to tires, windshield, mirrors and glass are the renter’s responsibility. Damaged tires must be replaced, not repaired due to liability. Do not operate vehicle if/when a tire is punctured. This can lead to further damage to the tire and the rim. In a safe area, use tire replacement tools to install spare tire. If you are in Dawson and surrounding area, call us as we may be able to be of assistance. Windshield and tire replacement prices available upon request. Prices based on item, shipping and related labor costs.

9. VEHICLE RETURN (DROP OFF): Vehicle to be returned to the location, date and time specified on the rental agreement. There is no grace period on late vehicle returns. Any vehicle returned after the indicated return time will be charged to the renter at maximum daily rate which includes the mandatory liability insurance. All vehicles must be returned to Dawson City, Yukon location specified on rental agreement -no exceptions. 

10. NO ONE-WAY RENTALS: vehicle must be returned to Dawson City YUKON location specified on rental agreement, no exceptions.

11. UNAUTHORIZED RETURN (DROP OFF) LOCATION: a charge of $1800 or $3.00/per kilometer, whichever is greater, will be applied to renter’s final bill. Any and all additional costs related to the repatriation and recovery of the vehicle are renter's responsibility. Be advised, these additional costs may include towing the vehicle back to Dawson City, Yukon.  

12. LOST KEY: a charge of $500 will be applied to renter’s final bill if vehicle key is lost. Any and all additional costs related to key loss or lockout are renter's responsibility. Be advised, costs may include emergency assistance and towing the vehicle back to Dawson City, Yukon. Do not separate key and fob. 

13. GAS TANK LEVEL: Failure to fill gas tank with regular gas to level indicated on rental agreement prior to return will incur a charge.

14. CLEANING FEE: No smoking or pets in vehicles. Car to be returned clean without but not limited to garbage, stains, smoke ash or odors, any signs of animals, ink or any upholstery stains or damage. Renter must return vehicle in satisfactory condition, according to these guidelines. A $250 cleaning fee will be applied to renter’s final bill if these guidelines are not adhered to and the vehicle requires extra cleaning and extra sanitizing upon its return.

15. UNATTENDED VEHICLE: please close the windows and lock the vehicle while unattended.

16. Klondike Car Rental Inc is not responsible for any damage or loss of renter or anyone else’s property left in the vehicle or in any other vehicle on Klondike Car Rental Inc premises.

17. Vehicle may not be used in contravention to the Criminal Code of Canada and by anyone under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants such as drugs or by anyone driving in the state of drowsiness or by any person who has given false name, age, address or other false or misleading information. DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED IS ILLEGAL and is an indictable offence in Canada.

18. PARKING TICKETS are the renter’s responsibility. We encourage you to pay them immediately.

19. REFUND POLICY: Absolutely no refunds except for a) repeated mechanical failure or b) verifiable medical or family emergency.

20. CANCELLATION POLICY: Minimum 48 hours for cancellation is required.


Prices for our services are subject to change without notice. The price quoted in online bookings (reservation) generated in Checkfront will not be modified as long as the booking is not cancelled. If the booking is cancelled, any new booking will apply current rates.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part of content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

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